UDT Technologies

World is turning. Not only today, but already years the desires to overcome traffic difficulties has been a hot topic. How we are going to do it? We will bring our efforts to the pool in urban transit.
For generations we have been used to drive a car to get us to where we want. That has been part and reality of the freedom to masses of people.

And now where do we stand? We are in a society where the freedom is slowly slipping further, due to the fact that people are pushed to drive less, but there are not enough relevant alternatives to maintain living standards we are used to. Society has been built for so long with the support of freely moving cars.
There is the big picture. We need more relevant alternatives to support the freedom to move. This freedom is very relevant topic on present state of society and the feeling of freedom and happiness it brings. We cannot take back 100 years on how we have used to travel in couple of years – or not even in a decade.

Our solution will be effective where present systems lose their efficiency, urban areas. Space is limited, cars are slowing down, losing efficiency, and many of the present other alternatives are limited in fulfilling the peoples or public needs. We are going to fulfil one big gap with a relevant combination of technological innovations which meets today’s requirements in many ways. Innovation always requires a meaningful impact. That is a good learning when starting any thinking processes.

Would you prefer a ride from Varissuo to Turku city center in about 6 minutes? It’s less than half what the car ride takes.