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Your investment opportunity is now open for H1/2024

Now you have the opportunity to influence the future of transportation and logistics. By investing in us, you are also investing in a sustainable and intelligent future.

We have developed a novel revenue and value-generation logic for transportation and logistics, providing investors with an attractive opportunity to shape a potential future.


Why invest in UDT Technologies?


  • Innovation:Our developed Urban Track platform represents a novel approach to urban mobility and logistics. It provides an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional solutions.
  • Growing demand: Growing Demand: The increasing need for intelligent transportation and logistics solutions in cities is a constant trend. UDT Technologies is ready to meet this demand. 
  • Experienced team: We boast a strong team of experts dedicated to transforming the future of transportation and logistics. 

Welcome to join the UDT Technologies investor family and be a part of the change towards more sustainable and intelligent urban mobility and logistics.


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UDT Technologies has initiated a fundraising round with the aim of financing the Lahti pilot project

Welcome to the UDT Technologies Funding Round, aiming to raise funds for the implementation of the Lahti Pilot Project.