UDT Technologies

Last mile, electric driving, sustainability… the list goes on and on. But what is future traffic all about? We have identified one key item that is hidden in all the discussions. It is the integration of all present and future travel methods. We are working to combine traveling services together – from small city travel hubs to larger scale parking/service/center hubs.

Lack of travel chain management restricts ideas to develop into a feasible solutions. Travel is always a compromise of the present infrastructure and possibilities to select different methods to travel. The car is the most flexible (with sufficient speed and comfort), and the train and airplane being on the other end – for most of us.

It seems that the longer the trip the more we typically concentrate on travel planning. Booking tickets, reserving hotels, and so on. But when it comes to daily commuting and traveling, we tend to select the most flexible ways to succeed during the day. All the discussions finally end up with the words: “planning has to be easy, predictable – traveling must be on time, available and flexible”. That is the daily rhythm.

Why do we feel that this is important for us? Having the city travel hubs which integrate different travel modes and services. An application that combines and shows the availability and makes planning easy. Sufficient service capacity makes all this achievable. It is your personal ride and schedules that matter the most. Automated Urban Track, self-driving busses/taxis (on demand), electric scooters and any other can fill the gap. Maybe not just one alone, but efficiently combined.

An ecosystem and multifunctional approach will allow us to openly discover many travel-related services to urban densely populated areas. We aim to have the most comfortable, accessible, and efficient way to travel in cities with all the daily services integrated into it.

As an example, city travel hubs connect key city districts to remote (out of city center) car parking and service facilities. All the services are then a few minutes away from the point you let off your car. Converting these last few kilometers which takes 15 minutes to 2 minutes. Location “city center” will get a full new meaning because of accessibility to these new districts, similar way to some metropolitan areas develops around the metro lines.