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Who manages the travel chains

Last mile, electric driving, sustainability… the list goes on and on. But what is future traffic all about? We have identified one key item that is hidden in all the discussions. It is the integration of all present and future travel methods. We are working to combine traveling services together – from small city travel […]

Meaningful Impact

I still describe why formulating the impact is very important. That is one of the main reasons for our existence. So, how and why do we define our impact? For complex systems, the impact seldom is just one sentence or one measurable figure. So how do we approach our case scenarios? First, we have main […]

Meaningful impact!

World is turning. Not only today, but already years the desires to overcome traffic difficulties has been a hot topic. How we are going to do it? We will bring our efforts to the pool in urban transit.For generations we have been used to drive a car to get us to where we want. That […]