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urban transit



Business ecosystem

  • Next level urban transportation platform
  • Open business and service interfaces
  • Rapid growth of a new service industry

Transit of people and goods

  • Fast and predictable on-demand transit
  • Convenient, accessible and on time services

Missing link of urban transit

  • Efficiently connects urban areas
  • Key element on tackling last-mile of transit
  • Connecting homes to transit hubs


  • Automated transport control – 24h surveillance
  • Profitable transit system
  • Flexible and modular
  • Extreme energy efficiency

Traffic dilemma - quality of life

Urbanization will continue

  • More traffic will concentrate on urban areas
  • Infrastructural decisions were made decades ago

Attractivity of a city or area includes the transportation service quality

  • Travel times and costs are affecting people’s decisions and habits
  • Travel times and prices are restricting people to make environmentally efficient decisions

A clean environment is a value

  • Road dust, exhaust gases, noise, etc. will all decrease environmental comfort

Logistics chains on goods are facing challenges due to people's behavior

  • Inefficient timing and locations mainly due to lack of capacity on present transit, storage and pick-up services


We provide:

Consultation and design services

  • Consulting for modern urban traffic ecosystems
  • Environmental effect analysis
  • Regional last mile analysis

Urban disc track products

  • System
  • Upkeep services

Business ecosystem services

  • Business platform integrations
  • Marketing interfaces


Jussi Niemioja

Matti Saarinen

Marko Pantti

Innovation Director

Chair of the board

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Business Director

Board member

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UDT Technologies main targets

  • Grow profitable transit ecosystem technology
  • Partially own local Urban Disc Track systems with local private and public entities
  • Integrate businesses with licensing and royalty models
  • Targeting to open frequent investment opportunities and aim for profitable transit business


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